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We began our journey into the digital world at Amazon, where we learned the secrets of marketing and sales on the endless American market. We gained a lot of experience, both practically and through hundreds of hours of courses and discussions with experts in the field.

Many of the business owners that we know personally have approached us for help and advice regarding digital marketing in the local market. As a result of the countless recommendations and intentions, we decided to set up the Shiffer Digital  agency so we could share our knowledge and expertise with as many local businesses as possible.

We specialize in organic (SEO) and local (GMB) Google promotion that works simultaneously with the development and construction of websites on multiple platforms. In addition to that, we also offer our customers paid and sponsored Google promotion, social profile building, sponsored social media promotion, link building and business promotion services.  


team work

A vision for the future

We wish to help every business advance and flourish in the digital world, believing that network exposure of a product or service will maximize profits and achieve the full potential of every company.

Our Mission

The goal of our company is to bring you a complete package, to guide and advise you on all digital issues, and to make your business mobile, so you can be found everywhere young people are using their smartphones.

Our Experts

 we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with our customers. Get to know our team that will do the best for you in order to build a solid authority in Google for your site and business

איתן שיפר

Founder and SEO expert

שגיא שיפר

Founder and web development expert

חן חבובא

Social media and graphic designer

בן גנון

UX/UI Designer

סמואיל אלאם

A virtual assistant for special jobs

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